Questions & Answers

Question: Will there be wireless internet (wi-fi) available in the meeting space?

NPACE makes every effort to ensure there is wireless internet access available in the meeting space. NPACE welcomes the use of laptops and tablet computers within its meeting space as long as use of those devices does not disturb other attendees.

Please note charging station will not be available.

Question: How are special dietary needs handled?

Please indicate any special requests when you register.

NPACE will make every effort to work with participants and the hotel to accommodate any disclosed food allergies and other food-related medical conditions. However, there is always a risk of contamination and participants concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. NPACE will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed or items one may come in contact with while at any NPACE event.  Attendees will receive a special card to use at meal functions that they have pre-registered for in advance. Special requests may not be available onsite.

Question: Did you know that Nurse Practitioner credentialing organizations allow you to use some non-CEU credit towards your certification?
Answer: NPACE periodically offers non-CE programs, including meal programs. Non-CE programs provide a forum for the discussion of a branded product and its role in the treatment of disease. We are unable to offer CE's for these programs but your attendance is appreciated, as these programs provide you with the most current information on disease states, new therapeutic options, and support NPACE. Check with your credentialing organization about whether non-CE courses can be applied to your contact hour requirements.
Question: Do I receive a CE certificate onsite?
Answer: NPACE utilizes a two-part CE Certificate. You will receive your certificate with your registration materials. You must check off all the sessions you attended and hand in the yellow copy, keep the white copy for your records.
Question: Are hard copies of the presentation slides available?
Answer: Hard copies of the presentation slides will not be available on-site. NPACE posts the presentation slides to its website prior to the conference, allowing attendees to print any slides they would like to have. You will receive an email when the slides are posted, with information on how to access the materials. Slides will remain available on NPACE’s website for two weeks after the conference. NPACE no longer sells pre-printed course syllabi.
Question: Does NPACE include meals in its registration fee?
Answer: NPACE offers meal programs as part of the conference agenda whenever possible. When meals are offered, they are included as part of the conference registration fee. In the event that a meal program is not planned, attendees can take advantage of the options available at the conference venue.
Question: Must I register in advance for a sponsored meal program?
Answer: No, you do not register in advance for sponsored meal programs. Although entrance to meal programs is on a first-come-first-served basis, NPACE makes every effort to accommodate all attendees interested in attending. In some cases, additional sign-in prior to the program and/or meal tickets are required. NPACE will advise attendees upon conference check-in regarding the protocol for the meal programs planned for that event.
Question: How many hotel rooms can I book at the group rate?
Answer: NPACE hotel room blocks frequently sell out due to the popularity of NPACE conferences. Therefore, to ensure adequate room availability for all conference attendees, group hotel rates are for use by conference attendees only. NPACE reserves the right to ensure that a conference attendee is staying in each room reserved under the NPACE room block. Whenever feasible, NPACE works with hotels to offer suites and other rooming options for families.
Question: I want to extend my stay at the conference hotel. What kind of rates can I receive?
Answer: As a courtesy to our attendees, NPACE group rates are typically available to conference attendees for up to 3 days before and after the conference. Check the Hotel Reservation page for more information.